Graphic Design & Animation

Graphic Design & Animation


Phantom the cat drawn with vectors in Affinity Design on an iPad Pro.

Animating a Character Action Scene – Part 1

I’ll be writing a series of posts that detail my processes and methods of making an animated shot of a character action. The example we’ll be using is Scary the Legendary. The first step to animating a character is to of course, design the character so that it can be animated in a mechanically effective […]

Scary the Legendary

[ASSET] Heelis

[ASSET] Stop-It

Battle of Wits

Youtube Intro


Martin Dreadnought

This is my baby, cleverly named Martin. A Martin Dreadnought, DXM Natural 2003. It’s not top of the line, but it’s everything I need in an acoustic guitar. Bought June 9th 2017 for $395 used. I played this every day on my lunch break in the parking lot when I was working at Fred Meyer. […]

Scary Busey: Animation Rig