MIDI Batch 2 – Percussion Pack

This is a percussion MIDI collection consolidated by MIDI_MAN on reddit. It’s absolutely massive.
From the README file:

Percussion Kit 1.0
a collection of 800,000 MIDI Files Encompassing a large selection of publicly available midi files
was collected in 06 of 2015; around 200 websites were crawled and scraped for midi files.
a script was ran to eliminate duplicate files based on sum but to prefer keeping the longest name in an attempt to keep the better named file.
the collection encompasses the genres and music from the continents of: Africa, Blues, Bossa, Disco, Hip & Hop, Europe, Funk, Jazz, Tango, March, Pop, R&B,
Samba, Rock/Indie, Shuffle, Ska, South American, Swing, Twist, Waltz

— Sorted by genres and collections —

Pump up the Jams, spread this collection far and wide.
It’s the largest single collection of Drum midi files on the internet.
Please make wonderful music, study how other music was made and maybe borrow a melody or riff with homage intent.

And here is The Link to Download. (890mb)