[ASSET] Stop-It

This talking toy probably looks familiar to many of you. Do we all remember the Bop-It? Well this is the Stop-It. What separates it from the Bop-It is that it actively discourages you from playing it. You can guess what it says (in agony) when you try to play it.

That’s the joke behind it’s existence in my animation series Macrosmith Solutions. It’s a vector image. available for anyone interested in taking a look for download at the bottom of the post.

Sometimes when making animation assets I get carried away and aim for photorealism. It’s pretty satisfying knowing you can get this result from just nested shapes, gradients, and a few effects.

My main program for vector images is Affinity Designer. It’s a very good alternative to Illustrator, and it’s non-subscription. They also have an IOS versions for ipad users.

Here are both the SVG and afdesing files if you want to take a closer look.

Stop-It ZIP