Frank the Fire Hazard

        Frank V1

When upgrading an old computer, I made a stupid mistake. I bought the wrong size motherboard. So, the logical choice was to go onto Newegg and buy the right size case, or return the motherboard for one that was the right size. Unfortunately, I was out of money and patience.

After pondering my options for all of five minutes, I broke out an old Erector Super Construction Set my grandmother got me about 4 years ago. I worked all night, making modifications that would make a PC enthusiast curse my existence.

Later the next morning, I had done it. After hours of bending, drilling, breaking, and cursing, I had done it. It was beautifully mediocre. Perfect in no way, shape, or form. The motherboard, mounted on two broken rulers, one of which was accidentally stolen from my history teacher a year prior. The fans, all different shapes and sizes. The case was absurdly off balance, one corner was about 1 centimeter higher than the diagonal opposite. It was unbelievably shiny, and awkward. If Gary Busey’s face was a computer, I was now the owner. Everything was so out of place, but I loved it.

At the moment of truth, I plugged it in. Nothing had exploded into sparks and fire yet, so I thought it safe to press the fragile power switch hanging by a few wires. The monstrosity chugged to life like a jet engine. It was alive. You can imagine my excitement was immeasurable. Many people are able to put together parts in a pre-designed case, complete with convenient slots of every shape and size to slide their components into, and confidently say they built a computer. I like to think that makes me a new breed.

Over the years, I have made upgrades and modifications. This is a perk of a computer case made out of a children’s construction set. I have made everything portable, complete with a carrying handle and mounts for all of the cables required for the unit to run. I upgraded the motherboard and processor, making it a machine capable of producing all of the content you see on this site. I even fixed the off-balance case with a few super-glued pennies.

     Frank V2

This is the first computer I have ever built, and it will remain as my primary computer for a long time.


TLDR; Cheap, impatient kid builds a functioning computer out of an Erector set.

Frank’s Specs: (as of 2015)

  • Processor:

AMD 8 Core FX-8320



  • Motherboard:

ASUS M5A97 R2.0



  • Graphics Card

GeForce GTX 560 Ti



  • Power Supply

LEPA N Series N500-SA



  • Case

ASUS CM Essentio



Erector Super Construction Set – 25 Models – 640+ Parts



  • Hard Drives

Backup/Bulk Media) Seagate Expansion 3TB USB 3.0



  1. OS) SAMSUNG 840 EVO Solid State Drive



Games/Programs) Generic 700GB Sata


OS Backup) Generic 250GB

  • Mouse and Keyboard)

CM Storm Xornet Gaming Mouse



Logictech K310 Washable



Other Specs:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • 35 second startup time